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Breeding Announcement!

Super excited to share we will hopefully have puppies arriving mid to late August!! Keep your fingers crossed for us. Co-bred with my...


I think Guido is gonna like being a show dog!!


Guido taking everything in on his first trip to Iowa❤️

Biggie’s first show!

Little cutie patootie Biggie did a fabulous job his first time in the ring. We were so proud of him. Co-owned and co-bred with my...

⛈ Stormy

Stormy is just getting rolling on her show career. Her handler Christy Collins is doing a fabulous job with her. Y

The puppies are growing!

Time continues to fly! The babies are starting to toddle around and play with one another. The oldest litter is almost 6 weeks and the...

Poppy’s Boys

4 weeks old! Growing like weeds! ❤️


This little boy is half the size of his sister Pearl and he has 3 times the sass!! ❤️ Registered name is Valkyrie’s Welcome To The...


Ruby Sue’s litter is close to 5 weeks old. My favorite age!! Here’s Pearl. Registered name is Valkyrie’s Pearl of Euphoria.

Valkyrie’s Witching Hour

This is Mina. she Is a sweet little girl out of a Bulgarian import bitch and grand champion sired. Look for pups out of Mina in the...

Time flies!

It is amazing to me how fast time flies. Ruby Sues litter is 3 weeks old and Poppy’s litter is 2 weeks. Here they are. Pearl, Guido,...

Final litter for the spring has arrived!

Gretel delivered her little like a trooper. Three girls and a boy. Everyone is doing well so far and Gretel is an excellent mother! ...

What’s wrong with boys?? 😊

I’m always amazed how many people are looking for females. Everyone wants a female. Don’t get me wrong... I love my girls. But I also...

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