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GCHS CH Improv Valkyrie Biggie Smalls

It's been a dream come true. Biggie's Best of Variety at the National Championship Dog Show was amazing beyond belief!! So proud of him...

6 weeks old!

The Chance x Bloom litter is 6 weeks old. We will be evaluating in a couple of weeks for show potential pups. After that, we should...

Litters are thriving!! ❤️

These two litters have done amazingly well despite an emergency c section for one and a special needs and a tiny from the other. After...

I’m back!!

Having a WIX website can certainly be a challenge. I think we are back up and running?? But who knows. In the meantime, enjoy this...

Breeding Announcement!

Bloom x Chance puppies hopefully in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Guido 🎡

So proud of Guido at the Merril, Wisconsin show. He showed like a little champ!! ❤️


The tiny dictators are turning into beautiful puppies!! ❤️

Fun show at Waukesha!!

Everyone showed great! It was fun catching up with all my peeps! ❤️

Bond…. James Bond

Theme for these pups is 007! Here they are! Honor, Q, Spectre and Solitaire! ❤️

The tiny dictators have arrived!!

Gretel, the sly little devil hid all day from me…. Just out of camera view…. I came home checked on her and ta-da!!! The babies were...


I LOVE this little smooth coat. We we’re hoping to keep him for a show prospect but unfortunately his bite isn’t going to be what we...

Breeding Announcement!

If we are lucky, we will have puppies mid July! Ch Gretel and Ch Tone. Wish us luck!

Breeding Announcement!

Ch Ruby Sue and Ch Chance. If we are lucky, we will have puppies mid July. All these puppies are already reserved .

Blooms little blossoms have arrived!

Bloom did a fantastic job delivering her first litter and she is being an excellent mother. All three boys are thriving! Christy and I...

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